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What NOT to Put on Baby Registry from a Seasoned Mom

written by Jen Brady  |  updated October 20, 2022

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Welcome back to another session of pure unsolicited baby advice from Jen, chief green mama. Put on your stretchiest preg pants and settle in.

Here’s a little secret: the baby industry is loaded with fluff baby stuff. I’d like to let you know really what not to put on baby registry.

There are so, so many things out there marketed for babies, and new “must-haves” seem to pop up every day. A big part of being green is keeping it simple. Here’s what you really don’t need and why.

Side tangents: Have you even started your baby registry? Don’t wait until your first contraction yikes. Set up your Amazon baby registry now. Also check out when to start your baby registry here.

Let’s dig in.

What Not to Put on Baby Registry:

1. Bottle Sterilizer

While it’s important to sterilize your glass baby bottles before your first use, there isn’t a need after the initial cleanse. The American Academy of Family Physicians states “…you can wash the bottles in hot, soapy water and rinse thoroughly. This alone should kill most germs.” Bam, done.

We kick it back to the old days with a pan and some sizzlin’ hot water:

2. Bottle Warmer

Nah, don’t need it. You can serve room temp or even cold (handy when baby’s wailing.)

If they prefer warm: Take a pan with water, heat stovetop until water is warm (not boiling), turn off and place bottle in there for a bit. Always test and make sure it’s lukewarm, not hot.

3. Lots of Formula

We know you’ve heard it time and time again, but breast truly is best. And formula can get ridiculously expensive. If it’s an option for you, be determined to nurse.

The first few weeks are far from easy and the solution to dry, cracked nipples is to, well, nurse more. Unless you have a medical condition, you can continue to nurse, and there’s plenty of support to help you along the way, such as La Leche League, KellyMom, or working directly with a lactation consultant.

The next best thing to nursing is using donated milk. Last option is to go with an organic formula.

Notice I said “lots of formula”… I still think you should have a little available in your home for emergencies:  

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4. Bibs, Socks & Shoes

For some reason, people love to buy bibs and socks. You’ll get some at your baby shower without even asking for them. And shoes? Forget about ’em.

5. Baby Food Maker

The blenders/food processors marketed for babies are overpriced and don’t have much of a purpose beyond the baby mash stage. And they have so many parts to clean… that if not done properly, can cause mold – gross. Either:

1. Cook and mash your own food.

2. Use a blender or food processor you already own.

3. Get a Vitamix that’ll last years (think smoothies, nut butters and sorbet for your babies-turned-kids).

4. Have an endless budget (sweet can we be friends)? Check out the best organic baby food delivery options here.

6. Wipe Warmer

Say what? Seriously, room temperature wipes are fine, but you can also warm your wipes for free. Take the wipe and roll it between your clean hands for a few seconds. Shape your hands into a ball and blow your warm breath into it a few times. And voila – a warm wipe.

In addition, some wipe warmers create an environment for bacteria to grow. This could lead to diaper rash. Gross. Leave the wipe warmer off your baby registry.

7. Crib Bumpers

How are these still on the market? The American Academy of Pediatrics states for SIDS prevention — no bumpers or blankets should be used in the crib.

How else can you keep your baby safe? Here’s a great article on baby-proofing your home.

8. Crib Set

Sure, these are adorable, but my oh my they’re expensive. And, since you’re not supposed to have anything in the crib, what’s the point?

what not to put on baby registry

9. Baby Laundry Detergent

The second ingredient found in a popular laundry detergent marketed for babies is Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS). It may be contaminated with 1,4-dioxane which is a toxic chemical and is listed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a probable human carcinogen. source

Skip all that. You need a safe laundry detergent for your entire family.

For Cryin’ Out Loud, What SHOULD I Put On My Baby Registry?

So glad you asked. Check out all the baby registry must-haves here and get your baby registry checklist PDF here.

Peace love & baby kicks.

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“Creating my natural baby registry will be fun & stress-free.”

— said no mama, ever.

Let’s get real.

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