Healthy Halloween Handouts for under $30

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Last updated: June 14, 2017

healthy halloweenAmericans are expected to reach a record high spending of $8.4 billion in 2016 on Halloween costumes, decorations and candy. The National Retail Federation states more than $2.4 billion of that is on candy. We’re not trying to take the fun out of Halloween; we’re only suggesting organic, inexpensive treats this year. Yes, we still said treats. We never liked being tricked into thinking a pencil or a sticker was a treat on Halloween.



yum earth organic pops

Healthy Treats for Tons of Trick-or-Treaters
If you’re expecting a large crowd of kids at your door this Halloween, save by buying in bulk. The YumEarth organic lollipops are available in a 300-pack on Amazon for under $30. YumEarth is the #1 organic candy brand in the U.S. These lollipops are vegan, certified organic and free of gluten, peanuts, dairy, eggs, artificial colors, artificial flavors and high fructose corn syrup.


annie's organic fruit snacks

Healthy Treats for a Smaller Crowd
If you’re expecting under 50 costumed-kids at your door, Annie’s organic vegan fruit snacks are a great option for under $25. They’re made with real fruit & vegetable juices, certified organic, vegan and free of gluten, artificial flavors, synthetic colors or preservatives and high fructose corn syrup. Want to keep costs down? Choose the YumEarth organic lollipops in a smaller size: 50 pops for under $7.

Other Healthy/Money-Saving Tips for Halloween:
  • If you can’t sew (or don’t have the time), purchase your kids’ Halloween costumes at your local consignment or thrift store.
  • We suggest handing out candy over non-candy for a great teaching lesson for your kids: natural, organic treats are o.k. and should be enjoyed on special occasions.
  • Donate a portion of your collected candy to the troops — another great lesson. Learn how to donate to the Operation Gratitude candy give-back here.

Have any other suggestions? Please let us know in the comments below. Wishing everyone a safe and fun Halloween!

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