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Natural Deodorant

Choose a deodorant that's vegan, free of fragrance, aluminum and phthalates, but still works.

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Natural Bar Soap

Handmade in USA with 100% vegan ingredients from The Soap Haven. Comes in a 4-pack; each bar is 4.5 ounces. (One of the non-toxic soaps found here.)

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Natural Face Wash

Vegan-friendly, Halal certified and EWG Verified. (One of the non-toxic soaps found here.)

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hemp oil organic

Hemp Oil for Skin

On a super budget? This organic unrefined hemp oil will do wonders for your skin and your salads.

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organic foaming soap bulk

Organic Foaming Soap

Don't forget to dilute! This organic, vegan, biodegradable soap is perfect for your hand-washing needs. (One of the non-toxic soaps found here.)

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glass soap pump dispenser

Glass Soap Pump Dispenser

Say bye-bye to the disposable foaming pumps.

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Laundry Detergent

Formulated with only four earth-derived ingredients. It's perfect for the most sensitive skin — especially newborns — but still effective. (Read more about detergent here.)

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wool dryer ball

Wool Dryer Balls

You'll never miss those smelly wasteful dryer sheets. And reduce your drying time by up to 25%.

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organic washable breast pads

Organic Washable Breast Pads

Skip the disposables. Get two packs if you can — nursing moms will live in these. (From the maternity wardrobe article.)

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bra extenders 3-pack

Bra Extenders

Extend the life of your pre-pregnancy bras. (From the maternity wardrobe article.)

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belly band cotton or bamboo 3-pack

Maternity Belly Band

Give yourself some extra belly support and extend the life of your pre-pregnancy tops and bottoms! (From the maternity wardrobe article.)

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badger baby natural mineral sunscreen

Natural Mineral Sunscreen

This "baby" sunscreen is perfect for your pregnancy and beyond. (From the safe sunscreen article.)

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washable reusable shower cap

Washable Reusable Shower Cap

Oftentimes the solution for gorgeous hair is to not wash it so often. (From the hair during pregnancy article.)

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Chagrin Valley organic shampoo bar

Shampoo Bar

Ditch the plastic and check out this organic, non-GMO, cruelty-free option for washing your locks.

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Carine Organics organic conditioner

Organic Conditioner

Restore luster and shine with certified organic plant, vegetable, and fruit extracts.

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washable reusable shower cap

Safe Hair Gel

Free of fragrance, sulfates and parabens, this gel is great for the entire fam.

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shea moisture detangler

Hair Detangler

Natural and organic ingredients detangle without harsh, irritating chemicals.

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silicone soap holder

Silicone Soap Holder

This food-grade silicone soap holder is perfect for your new shampoo bar.

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EMF Shield Life Hair Dryer

EMF-Shielding Hair Dryer

Get the hair dryer that reduces EMFs up to 75%.

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Organic Witch Hazel

Great for face, padsicles, and everything in between.

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Natracare Organic Extra Long Pads

Organic Extra Long Pads

Stock up on these to make your padsicles.

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Around the House

Attitude Dish Soap

Use less plastic and refill your dish soap container. Free of fragrance, dyes and chlorine. Scores an “A” on Environmental Working Group. 

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Seventh Generation Dishwasher Detergent Pack

Free of fragrances, dyes, phosphates, and chlorine bleach.

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Plant Based Scrub Sponges

Non-scratching, biodegradable 12-pack.

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Skoy Reusable cloth and scrubs

Skoy Reusable Cloth and Scrub Pack

Free of fragrances, dyes, phosphates, and chlorine bleach.

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LEVOIT air purifier

Affordable Air Purifier

Skip the one with the hefty price tag. All you need is a quality HEPA filter, and Levoit delivers.

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