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Birth Centers in Utah, U.S.

written by Jen Brady  |  updated February 1, 2023

Congrats on considering a birth center! Birthing centers are a great option for expectant (low-risk) mothers who want a natural childbirth experience without the need for hospitalization.

There are many birth centers in Utah so let’s dig into some questions and locations.

Are Birthing Centers Licensed in Utah?

Yes, birthing centers in Utah are licensed by the Utah Department of Health.

You can read more about birth center licensing in Utah here.

Are Midwives Licensed in Utah?

Yes, midwives in Utah are required to be licensed by the Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing. Utah has two midwifery licensed options: Direct-Entry Midwife (LDEM) and Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM).

Read more about midwifery laws in Utah here.

When choosing a birth center, check for up-to-date verification of their license for both facility and midwifery.

Note these are all freestanding birth centers. See the differences between birth centers and hospitals here.

Click the location near you to see birth centers in and around that city:

Birth Centers in Salt Lake City, Utah

Birth Centers in St. George, Utah

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