We empower moms to bring up baby in a natural, affordable way.

Let’s start with this: pre-conception through childhood is the most critical time of one’s life and naturally, you want to protect your baby.

Your essential starting point is to go green by avoiding harsh chemicals and toxic ingredients. But sometimes that comes with a cost.

That’s why we created Green Baby Deals.

Why go green?

Sustainable, recycled, eco-friendly, non-toxic, organic, green, natural, reusable – when these words are describing a product or process, it typically means it’s made with the least amount of adverse impact to our environment. That’s what we want and need.

It’s also better for your body. It shouldn’t be such a challenge to keep your baby safe, help the planet, and stay on budget.

We help you make the right choices and take the steps toward a greener, more sustainable living. And all of this means a healthier lifestyle for you and baby. That’s a win-win.

Simply simple for you.

No guessing games here. While it’s nice to leisurely look through “good, better and best” articles, it can get pretty overwhelming. And you might even end up more confused than when you started.

We keep it minimal. We’ve been through pregnancies and parenthood. We tell you what you need and what you don’t. And why you should choose non-toxic at times, but it’s WAY too much money to do it at other times. We’re the balance between all-organic and totally-affordable.

Because in reality, toxins are everywhere and kind of unavoidable. But our goal is to teach you how to reduce them when possible for you and baby. And how to relax and let it go sometimes.

Team Green

kindred bravely new motherhood


Chief crunchy mama.
Coupon queen. All-in green. Nutritional consultant. Learning-as-she-goes mom (aren’t we all). Wife. Creator. Wild about pregnancy and babies. Water birth enthusiast. Beginner minimalist (hopes to be expert someday). Continuously mindful about buying and consuming. Believes we can end the crazy cycle by not purchasing so much. Aspires to live off the grid someday. Loves cloth diapers (but too frugal to buy the adorable limited-edition prints). Reuses baby wipes (in a sanitary way). Favorite video: The Story of Stuff

kindred bravely new motherhood


Co-chief crunchy mama.
“It Starts with the Egg" began her non-toxic journey. Super mom. Teacher. Diligent researcher (Google Scholar, DOAJ and Environmental Working Group are bookmarked on all her devices). Loves eating organic fruits and veggies from the backyard garden (but doesn’t like to get too dirty maintaining it). Fascinated with living in a tiny house if she wasn’t claustrophobic. Favorite online rockstar: Katie from Wellness Mama.

We give back.

There is nothing more rewarding than helping others in need.

Each month a portion of our proceeds are donated. If you have a charity you’re passionate about, drop a line here. A million thanks for helping to make a difference.

And you?

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