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Birth Centers in Kansas City, Kansas: Your Options

written by Jen Brady  |  updated February 10, 2023

Congrats on your pregnancy and considering a birth center!

They’re ideal if you’re seeking a natural childbirth experience, so let’s find a local birth center near you.

I went down a long road when deciding between a hospital and a birth center. During my first pregnancy, I switched care/providers three times. I’m here to help and hope this doesn’t happen to you (who has enough to think about).

Here are things to consider when choosing a birth center:

  • Care
  • Cost
  • Accreditation
  • Location
  • Reviews

The best advice I can give: narrow down to a few and then plan a visit to tour and meet the midwives. The earlier the better.

In the end I went with a freestanding birth center. It was an AABC-established birth center and CABC-accredited. All the midwives were CNMs (certified nurse midwives). It was an incredible experience for me.

All information below is accurate at the time of writing. If you notice anything inaccurate or would like to be added, please contact me.

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Let’s check out your options for birth centers in Kansas City, Kansas (and surrounding areas).

birth room in birth centers in kansas city kansas

1. New Birth Company Birth Center

New Birth Company Birth Center: “New Birth Days® Start Here”. They believe in contemporary, natural childbirth.

Care: Includes prenatal care, labor and delivery, home birth option, waterbirth option, and postpartum care.

Cost: Call for more info.

✅ AABC established birth center
✅ CABC accredited

Location: 9209 West 110th Street, #36, Overland Park, KS 66210

Reviews: Mixed: New Birth Company Birth Center Google reviews

Phone: 913-735-4888


2. Immanuel Birth Center

If you live closer to Topeka, Immanuel Birth Center might be right for you. Their goal is to “provide women with holistic, relationship-based midwifery care in a comfortable environment.”

Care: Includes prenatal care, labor and delivery, home birth option, waterbirth option, and postpartum care.

Cost: Call for more info.

❌ Not AABC established birth center
❌ Not CABC accredited

Location: 1109 SW Topeka Blvd. Topeka, Kansas 66612

Reviews: Not many but amazing: Immanuel Birth Co. Birth Center Google reviews

Phone: 785-232-6950


I’m pretty surprised how few freestanding birth centers are available in Kansas City. If you’d consider a homebirth or seek more support in a hospital setting, there are options. Here’s a list of midwives and doulas in Kansas City, KS area:

Also check out:

Hope this list helps and best wishes on your journey! Peace love & baby kicks.

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