Does the thought of creating a baby registry overwhelm you?

There are thousands of baby products on the market today. Do you want to choose organic but think the cost is too much to ask of others? Do you want to choose safe, natural products for your new baby but don’t know where to begin?

We’ve created the Natural, Affordable Baby Registry Guide just for you.

This ebook guide provides you with all of the safe, non-toxic baby solutions you need without breaking the bank. Having a baby doesn’t have to be super expensive, and you shouldn’t have to choose cheap, unhealthy products just to save money. This baby registry guide is the only one you’ll need, and it could literally save you thousands of dollars. Our goal is for you to spend less time choosing and researching so you can have more time to focus on the arrival of your little one.


  • Includes access to the complete pre-filled Amazon baby registry with easy-to-follow instructions, saving you tons of time.
  • Each item has a detailed description and includes why we love and/or why it’s a natural, non-toxic product, saving you from the product research process.
  • Includes free tips and tricks (such as the best washing method for cloth diapers), to help you along the way as a new parent.
  • Includes a “but what about…?” section explaining why you don’t need all of the items on a typical baby registry list, so you’re reassured this guide covers everything you need.

What others are saying:

“As a soon-to-be first time mom, this ebook was just what I needed! I had just begun searching for products that I would feel comfortable using on my daughter without having to worry about potentially exposing her to harmful chemicals. Unfortunately, most of the items I was finding were super expensive and I was starting to lose hope that “safe” products were not as easily affordable as I had hoped. That is until I came across Green Baby Deals. This book addressed all of the products that a new mom would need to prepare for a safe environment to welcome her baby into the world and the best part was that all of the research was done for me. I didn’t need to spend hours on end searching the internet, but could also be assured that the items I would be adding to my registry would be safe for my little girl!”
— Tricia M., expectant mother

“Natural and affordable are so often seen as conflicting terms. Highlighting specific items to immediate purchase ability is most helpful and eliminates need for making lists. I only wish such a catalog were available for us as young people. This guide will rescue a lot of nervous, confused parents-to-be.”
— Christine C, mother and grandmother

“The Natural Baby Registry Guide is a comprehensive, but not overwhelming, tool to help moms and dads find and register for non-toxic, affordable items for their new baby. I found the guide to be easy to read and beautifully decorated with real baby pictures and quirky quotes. One of the best features is the use of pictures and descriptions for all of the items. It is so helpful to see what a product looks like before you purchase it! Each item was categorized into easy to find sub-groups, all laid out in the Table of Contents. I also appreciated the hyperlinks found throughout the ebook and the sections where the author provided tips and suggestions (like going to a consignment store to purchase nursing bras!) Finally, I learned a few new things from the ebook, such as the fact that car seats for babies must have some sort of flame retardants on them. Overall, if you’re looking for someone else to take all the guess work out of what products to buy for a healthy baby, look no further! It’ll also make a great gift for an expectant mom-to-be!”
— Erin D., early childhood development educator

“Wow! This is awesome. How I wished I had this with my first child. Luckily I have another on the way! This information is exactly what I need all in one place. I’m always looking for healthy, organic, clean options. Can’t wait to share this with friends. Thank you!”
— Cathy C., mother

“I am expecting my first child and really needed help to streamline the process of finding affordable, organic items that we will need once baby arrives. I do not want my family or friends to purchase gifts that aren’t safe or full of toxic chemicals. Once I started looking, I soon realized it was going to take me forever to research and read reviews, locate items and compare prices for my registry. When I found this site and reviewed the registry, it just seemed easier to have the leg work done for me and not be overwhelmed by the choices! My favorite find is the Organic Crib Mattress — such an important item to be organic and chemical free. I was shocked at some of the prices out there and saw this organic crib mattress is under $150. Another example I love (and never would have thought of) is the Bumworks Diaper Sprayer kit — what a great idea! This site has really helped me feel confident that the items I ask for will be safe, non-toxic and high quality. Bravo, Green Baby Deals, thank you!”
— Kate B., expectant mother

Money Back Guarantee

If you aren’t completely satisfied with our Natural Affordable Bay Registry guide, let us know and we will refund your money within 30 days of purchase.

Note: a portion of every sale will be donated to St. Jude Children’s Hospital (because your charitable giving may have taken a back seat as you focus on your new arrival. It’s ok, we understand).