The best affordable natural prenatal vitamin (and the name will surprise you)

prenatal-vitamin-pregnancy_2There’s a good chance you’re already on a prenatal vitamin by now, but at what cost? Our favorite prenatal vitamin isn’t actually labeled prenatal at all (which can sometimes be labeled as such for a large markup). Our favorite brand is Garden of Life, and there is minimal difference between their “Raw One for Women” and “Prenatal”. Here’s a comparison (note we only included the vitamins and minerals, not the food-based blends):
To save you the extra cash, stick with the Raw One for Women. It has the same amount of folate – 200 mg (which satisfies the recommended amount), but doesn’t have any iodine (which is a new recommendation for all prenatals). These are both food-based supplements so they should digest well, even if you have a case of the infamous first-trimester stomach blues. We’ve even talked to a few healthcare professionals who have approved of our money-saving substitution. But, as always, check with your own healthcare professional when switching or adding supplements. What else do we love about them? They’re raw, vegetarian, gluten and dairy free, and don’t contain any binders or fillers.

In addition, we also recommend the following supplements during your pregnancy:

Stock up on Raw One for Women today – you’ll want to take them post-pregnancy as well.